Standard Fixator System


  • Highly adjustable system adopts multitude confi gurations that can address periarticular as well as diaphyseal applications
  • Intended to use for complex fractures, malunions, fusions and corrective osteotomies indications
  • Modularity and fl exibility with other UniX Fixator Family and the Smart Correction Fixator, componentes
  • Standard and convergent T-clamps in both small and standard sizes, with parallel and off -set bone screw application options
  • All clamps are suitable to be used with both small and standard sizes
  • 3 diff erent size clamps provides 30-50 and 80mm C/D
  • Exceptional holding strength with serrated locking connectors
  • Forgiving joint articulation (120°) and 360° rotational body for precise angular, rotational and translational corrections